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Best known for creating elaborate photocompositions of improbable situations, stylized portraiture, and other-worldly landscapes, Glen Wexler’s career began as a student at Art Center College of Design when he photographed an album cover for Quincy Jones Productions. The multi-platinum record catapulted his entry into the music industry as a sought-after album cover artist. He has created nearly 400 covers to date and was inducted into the Album Cover Hall of Fame in 2019. His work includes projects for Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Rush, Black Sabbath, Missing Persons, Chaka Khan, and ZZ Top. 


Wexler’s photographs have been on the covers of Rolling Stone and TIME magazines, and he created photographic logo designs for the Star Wars Trilogy and Batman films. International advertising commissions include Sony, Adobe, Coca-Cola, Acura, the reboot of the iconic Maxell “Blown Away” campaign, and hundreds of others.


Wexler is the author of three critically acclaimed monographs, “25:25” (2005), “The Secret Life of Cows” (2007) and “The ’80s Portrait Sessions” (2019).


Recognized internationally as a “digital pioneer,” he is quick to point out that the mastering of film photography and the “wet” darkroom inform his digital image-making. Wexler, a master printer, created the inaugural public exhibition of Epson large-format fine art pigment prints featuring his narrative images in the solo show, “Altered Realities” at The Art Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and is in museum collections including Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), George Eastman House of Photography and Film, and Palm Springs Art Museum.  


Exhibitions in 2024 include the LA Art show in February, MIA Art Fair in Milan, Italy in April, and Cromwell Place, London, England in May, in connection to London Photo. Fine art commissions include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and collectors include Mike Nichols, Eric Idle, and Valerie Bertinelli.

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