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I was born in the middle of the "baby boom" in a small Nebraska town and I now live in the hills of Hollywood, California. My development as an artist began as a boy, watching my maternal grandmother create songbirds and landscapes with oil paint and canvas. The enchantment of creation has been a lifelong passion in many of my endeavors.


My art education began around the age of ten in the Sheldon Museum of Art at the University of Nebraska. I fell under the spell of genius work from Milton Avery, Louise Nevelson, Mark Rothko and Constantin Brancusi. Many others have followed to now include Andy Goldsworthy, Alexander Calder, Ellsworth Kelly and Sol LeWitt.


My professional career has focused upon creative project management in the disciplines of graphic design, advertising production, corporate communications and residential architecture.


The grid is where I begin. Fine pencil lines, in black, blue or red, delineate the surface of canvas or paper to guide a brush of watercolor or Flashe - a vinyl paint. My goal is to create a visual experience full of motion without a locus of rest. It is a kind of fluid meditation using color, line, transparency, repetition and precision.


B.S. University of Nebraska and Southern Illinois University

M.F.A. University of Virginia

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