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Control of light, along with the graphic composition I've worked with throughout my career as a Paris-based fashion photographer led to a transition into

abstractions. I discovered them completely by accident during an assignment and although the basis for all of my current work is an exploration of light, it continues to evolve. I'm especially intrigued by the blurring of distinctions visually - the illusion of depth with infinity, luminosity versus flatness, vibrations against texture, shapes and forms. Are they a photograph? Are they a painting? I capture these works digitally in-camera. They are not created as computer art or with chemical processes. They are not scans of objects, or photograms. They

are not paintings made with paint. Art critic Peter Frank may have described it best when he said that the “work thoroughly adapts photographic means to painterly ends - relying on the very slight, almost unnoticeable slippage between the two media’s respective factures to provide a mental buzz, a sneaking or sudden realization that what we’re seeing is not quite what we’re seeing...”

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