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Gerry Groeber's journey began at a young age under the influence of his abstract painter father. His father's influence can be seen in Gerry's bold and dynamic compositions, combining inherited talent with personal style. 

Gerry’s art seamlessly blends mid-century modern and abstract styles with a contemporary edge. His work captures the essence of a classic era while infusing it with modern relevance.

He primarily works in acrylic on panel and canvas but he is not bound by one medium. Gerry loves to create miniseries; he says it allows for a more divers body of work. Growing up in Southern California surrounded by pop culture, mid-century design, and 70s architecture, greatly influenced Gerry's palette and subject matter. His artistic journey has continued to evolve over the past 40 years.


Gerry has had a successful carrier in landscape photography with Arizona Highways magazine and reproducing prehistoric ceramics with Pueblo Grande Museum, Mesa Southwest Museum and lectures at the Heard Museum. He enjoys living in Prescott Arizona with his wife Emily where you can find him working with his Bonsai and playing guitar when he is not in his studio. 

Gerry's works are currently exhibited in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as Palm Springs, California. His work offers a powerful combination of traditional mid-century modern abstracts and contemporary relevance.

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