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My work always begins with chaos. It is a product of an inner dialogue that is expressed outwardly. A challenging situation, a crucial conversation, an overwhelming ‘to-do’ list-all of it is present in the first few layers. The beginning process of my work sets the stage for the exploration of thought and emotion and is necessary to forming a strong foundation. 


After the initial cathartic release of thought and emotion, I transition into a meticulous process of decision-making, and bring order to the chaos. Bringing order begins with the strategic covering and creation of manageable sections. These sections are often created in colors that are complement to the foundational layers. I continue to refine the work as the layers build on one another, eventually creating a balanced composition.


An important element in my work is the texture and the revealing moments of the initial layers. To me, this symbolizes the past-mistakes, memories, struggles-a collective human experience that resonates universally. I believe in embracing these elements, choosing to build upon them, and transforming the chaotic past into a beautiful present. 


The act of creating the work is a therapeutic process, providing a space for contemplation, understanding, and eventual discovery of both internal and external resolution. Through my art, I invite viewers to engage with this transformative journey, acknowledging the chaos inherent in existence, and embracing the potential to create something beautiful.

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