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Born in Southern California’s stark desert landscape, surrounded by modernist architecture, it’s only natural that Brett Stevens’ art possesses the duality of man; one of structure, minimalism, and precision coexisting with raw emotion and a poured stream of consciousness. The visual manifestation of this duality began for Stevens as a form of therapy. A way to put into physicality the tumultuous duality he was facing internally – the battle of order versus chaos and mans balance between them. Craftsmanship is engrained in Stevens by way of his Father and Grandfather. A third generation craftsman himself, as a child he was encouraged to create and follow in their footsteps. Utilitarianism evolved into an elegant and refined artistic expression executed to the highest level of craftsmanship and perfection achievable. Stevens believes that this strive for perfection in his art, understanding that perfection is never absolute, enables his artwork to achieve near perfection. Brett Stevens currently resides in Palm Springs California. He can be found most days working in his studio creating new works of art. He is constantly experimenting with new materials, techniques, and ideas. He believes that constant innovation and improvement on techniques is necessary to keep work current in today’s fast moving society.

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