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Lynda Keeler’s artwork is inspired by her daily walks through different California neighborhoods and influenced by contemporary and classic architecture and design. The vivid colors of flowers in front gardens in Hancock Park, a glimpse of a swimming pool through a side gate in Palm Springs, the massive boulders of Joshua Tree, a slanted roofline or the curves of a cul de sac are abstractly captured in the Road Maps and Color Maps series of paintings and sculptures. By walking through these areas daily she also can chart how the natural and built environments intersect in ways that can be in harmony or in conflict. Specific shapes and symbols populate the paintings and sculptures. Circles, arrows, even hands and feet show up at times in unexpected places and in somewhat strange colors. They all add to the sense of the passing of time and the evolution of the places we inhabit. Layers of textures created from the addition and subtraction of paint, additives and collage add depth and discovery to each painting.


Lynda Keeler co-founded Desert Open Studios in 2021 which launched with over 60 artists across the Coachella Valley opening their studios to the public. In March of 2023 Desert Open Studios had grown to two weekends with more than 150 artists showing their creative process to visitors along with a group shows at the Intersect Art Fair and Coachella Valley Arts Center in Indio.


Born in San Francisco but now living in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Keeler was formerly in the entertainment business but always painted and created art. At UCLA, Otis School of Art, Idyllwild Art Center and Anderson Ranch, Keeler studied with renowned artists such as Laddie John Dill, Linda Geary, Meleko Mokgosi, Kim Fisher and Marie Theibault. You can see more of her work at or @lyndalax on Instagram. 

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