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Steven Janssen was born and raised in Los Angeles. After studying life painting and drawing at Cal State University Long Beach, he took to the LA art scene at a very young age. Surrounded by many artist friends, he gained the momentum he needed to launch his first art show in a hair salon on Melrose in 1997,

featuring his abstract, organic, figurative paintings that once became his signature style.


As time progressed he slowly but steadily made his way into galleries, but was not satisfied with the LA gallery scene, so he took matters in his own hands and started hosting pop-ups, one nighters in odd locations, and art houses with other artists, at the his home with his husband Stephen Huvane.


As his style of painting evolved over the years, Janssen found an incredible studio in downtown LA where he created many, many artworks while exploring new techniques and themes. After 10 years, he vacated downtown due to the pandemic

and homelessness crisis, but found a new studio in Palm Springs, where he and his husband have resided part-time since 2004.


It was this time where Janssen's style of painting was transformed into the complete abstract - painting in the desert during a global shutdown. The result was complete and utter tranquility, using soft layers of watered down paint, creating dynamic yet subtle compositions, inspired by roadtrips to his mothers house in Lake Tahoe. His new pieces are ethereal and atmospheric in nature. Janssen continues to experiment with new palettes and hues that entice the senses.

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