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Andy Burgess is a London-born painter and collage artist now residing in Tucson, Arizona.
His work is in many major art collections and is frequently exhibited internationally. 


Burgess is best known for his large-scale paintings of architectural subjects which celebrate modernist and contemporary architecture and explore its relationship to modern art and abstract painting. Whether rediscovering lost architectural gems in the “International Style” or reinterpreting classic and famous “Mid-Century Modern” homes, Burgess’s paintings employ an intense palette and bold geometric forms to bring a fresh perspective to the architecture and create emotionally resonant images.  


The prestigious English magazine, Tatler, in their feature, "The Next ‘Greats’ of the Art World", declares, “Andy Burgess, the next David Hockney.”


The collection of limited-edition prints is curated and printed by Palm Springs native, Glen Wexler, a master printmaker, with over 45 years of experience. Originally trained in traditional analog techniques, he was engaged as a beta tester for the first commercially available wide-format digital printers. Wexler created the inaugural public exhibition of Epson fine art archival pigment prints, featuring his body of narrative images, Altered Realities, at The Art Institute in Atlanta, Georgia in 2001.


Glen and Andy first met while both were exhibiting artwork during Palm Springs Modernism Week in 2015. Andy’s paintings included transformative interpretations of houses designed by Glen’s late father, Palm Springs’ architect Donald Wexler, some of which are included in the new series of art prints.

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